Central Albertans Have a Say in Shaping Solutions to Alberta's Job Crisis

January 05, 2017

Olds, Alberta – Member of Parliament Earl Dreeshen (Red Deer – Mountain View) hosted a roundtable discussion with local stakeholders today to discuss the job crisis in Alberta.

“Every week we are hearing of more and more workers in Alberta facing hour reductions, wage reductions and layoffs”, said MP Dreeshen, “Yet thus far, the Government has failed to put forward a jobs plan.”

The Conservative Alberta Caucus has been listening to everyday Albertans, employers, small businesses, social assistance organizations, workers and other stakeholders – all of whom are affected by the current jobs crisis and have valuable insight and ideas to share.

“In November we held similar discussions in Red Deer and while different parts of the riding have some unique challenges and opportunities,” continued Dreeshen, “Some of the same themes continue to surface around the increasing tax burden and the lack of investor confidence due to government policies.”

All Albertans are invited to share their views and experiences at www.albertajobstaskforce.ca or by passing your comments to Dreeshen’s office. Your ideas will help shape real solutions for the future of Alberta.