Dreeshen meets with key stakeholders to discuss the Canada Job Grant

May 24, 2013

RED DEER – Hosted by the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, Member of Parliament Earl Dreeshen held a round table meeting today with local stakeholders on the new Canada Job Grant. The meeting provided a forum for a cross-section of central Alberta employers and employee support workers to provide their views directly to the government on the current state of the labour market.

“I appreciate the input from constituents who were able to join me today for a discussion on the labour market here in Central Alberta," said Dreeshen. "The Canada Job Grant aims to transform our labour market agreements with the provinces- to better fund the training that is needed to build a skilled workforce."

Dreeshen was specifically seeking information on the skills and training that are in demand by employers. He said that the federal government is consulting with Canadians to seek feedback on the proposed funding change for skills training. The current Canada-Alberta Labour Force Agreement expires next fiscal year and currently funds workforce counseling programs, some skills training, and low-skill workforce literacy programs.

Dreeshen says the new model seeks to directly fund skills training for the entire Canadian skilled-labour workforce and will more effectively help employers, employees and the Canadian economy.

"Minister Finley has asked us to consult with our regions and represent our constituents' needs to her with detailed feedback from employers across the country. The Canada Job Grant will take skills-training choices out of the hands of government and put them where they belong- in the hands of employers with unfilled jobs and Canadians who want to work," he continued.

Dreeshen welcomes additional input from constituents on the Canada Job Grant. Constituents can contact his office to provide their views.

More information on the Canada Job Grant can be found here: http://www.budget.gc.ca/2013/doc/themes/skills-competences-eng.html