MP Dreeshen Pushes Liberal Government for Answers Concerning Failure to Deliver Vaccines to Canadians

February 03, 2021

RED DEER – AB – MP Earl Dreeshen made the following statement after the meeting of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology on February 2 during which he and his Conservative colleagues questioned Liberal government Health Minister Hajdu about the Liberal government’s lack of transparency and its complete failure to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to Red Deer – Mountain View and to communities across Canada.


“It is quite clear that the Liberal government has absolutely no details in place to either combat the pandemic nor to vaccinate Canadians. One of the most disturbing consequences of the Liberal government’s confused, chaotic, and disorganized approach to the pandemic in general and to vaccine distribution has been the impact on individual lives. Measures like the new quarantine rules and monetary penalties for those returning to Canada may not have been necessary if we had an effective plan in place to ensure that Canadians are vaccinated.”    


According to the most recent data, Canada now ranks 35th globally in terms of vaccines distributed per capita (number changing daily). In fact, we’re well behind countries like Poland, Serbia, Bahrain, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. Canada now ranks 61st out of 98 countries in its performance on fighting COVID according to a think tank from Australia – Canada is behind countries such as El Salvador, Namibia, Paraguay, Italy and Belarus.  


‘The Prime Minister's talking points really amount to this: We have secured the biggest portfolio of vaccines in the world, and not to worry. The truth is that Canadians are not interested in how many vaccines we could get. They are interested in how many vaccines we will get,” Mr. Dreeshen added.


The full exchange can be seen here