MP Earl Dreeshen Named Deputy Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food

September 14, 2018

Ottawa - Earl Dreeshen, Member of Parliament from Red Deer – Mountain View has been named as the Deputy Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food.


Dreeshen has been involved in advocating for the agriculture community, producers and value added manufacturers in his ten years as Member of Parliament and for decades prior as a family farmer and community leader in Central Alberta. Dreeshen hopes to see a continued focus on agricultural education by showing an increasingly urbanized society the role of agriculture that many Canadians take for granted.


Previously serving on the International Trade Committee, Dreeshen will continue his work alongside his colleagues with trade issues facing agriculture. “As one of the few places in the world that produces more food than we eat – international trade agreements are vital to the continued success of the agriculture industry in Canada,” Dreeshen said. “We have some of the best products and the most effective processes in the world. Expanding markets for these products should be a priority for our federal government.”


“Unfortunately, what we are seeing in agriculture is the same thing faced by other natural resources sectors like energy and forestry – a concentrated effort to demonize Canadian product through misinformation,” Dreeshen continued. “It is important that we tell our story regarding our safe, sustainable food supply.”


In his new role, Dreeshen will work alongside Opposition Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food, Luc Berthold.


Dreeshen looks forward to representing an agriculture community that he has been a member of his entire life. “Our main goal, as Opposition Members involved in the Agriculture file is to ensure that we are listening to producers and advocating for an environment where they can succeed.” added Dreeshen.